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How to use Ford KM Can bus and solve Ford km can bus problems?

Ford KM Tool CAN BUS package includes OBDII Device, sense dongle and software.Ford KM Odometer Correction function include Read KM from car and Write new KM into car.Ford KM OBD support instrument dash num

Ford KM Tool CAN BUS Ford KM Odometer Correction Ford KM OBD

Support instrument dash:

*AA06-*-*    VP6M2F-*-*    VP8M2F-*-*    *8A6T-*-*    *6S6T-*-*    *4M51-*-*    *8V4T-*-*    *4L2T-*-*    *7R33-*-*    *8L8T-*-*
*8C3T-*-*    *9T1T-*-*    *8T4T-*-*    *7M5T-*-*    *6R33-*-*    *6F2T-*-*”
Note: You need to confirm first if your car is CAN BUS protocol first, and  Ford km tool can not do new ford cars,as for Ford KM Odometer Correction,you can to check car list first( it is show clearly on photo),
As for how to use Ford KM can bus and Ford KM User manual ,you can check it

Ford KM Tool CAN BUS Ford KM Odometer Correction Ford KM OBD (just click)

Here we list some customer problem and give some of solutions:

1.”Device not Connected” Error

Reason:Hardware not connected to pc with usb Port

Solution: Plug Device to USB

2. Some customer report GALAXY 12/2006 -not connect ,It only works for galaxy after 2006. It change mileage on dashboard, not on ecu.

that’s For mondeo, smax, galaxy cars. you need to change the PIN connect manually:

The rule is:
Ford KM Tool ————> Car
PIN 6 (High) ————> PIN 3 (High)
PIN 14 (LOW) ————> PIN 11 (LOW)
PIN 4 (GND) ————> PIN 4 (GND)
PIN 5 (GND) ————> PIN 5 (GND)
PIN 16 (ACC) ————> PIN 16 (ACC)

Pay attention to the car OBD, it’s opposite of our device.

3.  if you update ford  Ford KM OBD, and it shows”Server response error”

Solution: pls send  log file to us, We will check where is the problem is

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How to activate 2012 Release 3 autocom CDP Software?

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP Software is Released ,maybe you wanna use the newest software but you don’t know how to activation it , Here ADKauotscan list all instructions,enjoy it

New Autocom CDP+ 2012 Release 3 Autocom CDP Plus 3in1 2012.03

Notice: My patch remove black_listed serials number, you can use before any one. you can use internet connection all the time, not need block the internet.

But: the period of save xml on a folder(via the USB), you have to disconnect the internet with your PC

First. Free download 2012.3 Autocom CDP software (CARS, TRUCKS, GENERIC).

Second: just open: start.exe, installing 2012.3 Autocom

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP software

Write: Product ID

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP software

becasue, our supply cracked version 2012 release 3 autocom software.

remove black_listed serial number limit, you can use before anyone

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP

For example:






After installtion the software, pls don’t open the software firstly,

download the 2012 release 3 autocom path file, Replace the original file by it.

copy the content of the folder “patch installation” to install folder

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP

To start the software

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP software

Click the next, activation 2012.3 autocom

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP software

Write the correct Serial number and hardware key, if error, can’t continue

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP software

Pls disconnect the internet with your PC, and choose activate via USB stick

After save the fileactivatiom.xml to your USB disk, eject it,

then insert into your pc agian.

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP

Open the 2012.3 autocom software

2012 Release 3 autocom CDP
2012 Release 3 autocom CDP software
2012 Release 3 autocom CDP software
2012 Release 3 autocom CDP software
How to activate 2012 Release 3 autocom CDP Software.pdf

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How to use XTOOL Wifi IOBD2 EOBD Scanner Diagnose Your Car from adkautoscan?

XTool Wifi Iobd2 is
vehicle diagnostic tool for Iphone/Ipod/Ipad communicating by WIFI.
Wifi Iobd2 supports vehicles with OBD II/EOBD protocol.It records the
data by the client software of the phone.


with the Wifi IOBD2 Scan tool you can use a windows-based scan tool to diagnose vehicle anywhere, anytime.

what Wifi IOBD2 ipone can do?

IOBD2 scanner is
available to input the car models or select the saved car models, then
enter the system. After come into IOBD2, these I find IOBD2 scanner has
these functions as follows: support vehicles with OBD II/EOBD protocol,
read DTC, clear DTC, read data stream, read freeze frame data, vehicle
information, oxygen testing, mode 6 testing, evaporative Emission System
Leak Detection.

wifi iOBD2 Diagnostic tool “My Dashboard” three settings:

one: Idle speed mode: control the voltage, intake
air flow, real time fuel consumption (static), coolant temperature,
spark advance angle, engine speed

two: Cruise mode: vehicle travel time, average speed, continuous running mileage, average fuel consumption, vehicle speed

three: Sport mode: vehicle speed, coolant
temperature, real time fuel consumption (dynamic), acceleration, engine
speed. It is with rich user experience.

How to Use Iobd2 to Diagnose Your Car?

plug the iOBD2 into the OBD connector on the car. Remember to check whether it is connected firmly.

Then download the free iOBD2 app from APP store on your iPhone.

Next set the Wi-Fi connection

Select setting

Select Wi-Fi.

Select iOBD2

Click the blue arrow button.

Select static

Fill the
IP address and subnet mask, and then select the Wi-Fi network to return
to previous menu. IP address: Subnet mask:

The connection is successful if Wi-Fi signal shows blue glow, otherwise repeat the connection steps.

completing the Wi-Fi setting, turn the ignition on. Then open the iOBD2
app and press connection button to select the car model to connect iOBD2
with the car OBD system.

iOBD2 read
car data accurately, displaying data almost simultaneously with
the dashboard! I also tried 0-60km/h, 0-80km/h, 0-100km/h acceleration
test. The data was accurate and it feels like a professional sport car
timer. Before testing, I was a little worried about the display of power
and torque, but when I drove the car, the data of power and torque
displayed perfectly.

I got to
know iOBD2 on a forum and impressed by its function of 0-400m
acceleration test. At that time I thought if the phone connected with
OBD by Wi-Fi, the data must have some error. Or can the data be
accurate? After test, I found the data display accurately.

More information,pls email us

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adkautoscan sharing How to Slove DigiProg3 Blue Screen and White Screen problem?

Usually Digiprog3 blue screen is cos by the following cause:

1. Voltage isn’t steady

When you connect the digiprog3 using the power, if your voltage will not be steady, it’s going to also cause the blue display problem.

2. Update

Now newest edition of digiprog3 is V4.82. Some customized from time to time update it whenever they use.

Attention: please never update the digiprog3 if you use it. Once the edition comes out, we’ll release it on our website. Should you have to have update your device, please get in touch with us.

3. Digiprog3 is destroyed around the method to you.

Before we send the solution out, we’ll test it. If digiprog3 is crashed or extruded for the way, additionally, it meet blue screen issue.

then some customer will ask How to Slove DigiProg3 Blue Screen and White Screen problem?

Look at this photo, unscrew the pin U16 and U17 from the board, and Weld CY7C1049D onto the board at the same place.

If you do not know how to weld, please send the main unit back to us, we will help you weld it and solve the blue screen problem.


500G Alldata 10.52,ADKautoscan 640G 2013 Alldata or 750G Alldata HDD?

2013 repair manuals ALLdata 10.52 is the update version of alldata 10.50 and alldata 10.40. ALLDATA 10.52  is including ALLDATA 10.52, Mitchell, Autodata, ELSA, BOSCH ESI,Vivid Workshop 6 in 1. Alldata 10.52 Car Repair manual Covers cars and light trucks from 1982 to 2013.
but usually some customer is not sure buy which one? which one can i buy?500G Alldata 10.52,640G 2013 Alldata or 750G Alldata HDD? here we will list each 500G,640G,750G hdd including which software in it .


ALLDATA 10.52 external hard drive Cracked 2013 Alldata 500G

ALLDATA 10.52 external hard drive Cracked 2013 Alldata 500G
Alldata 2013 latest version (415GB)

ohter 50GB ,we may put random of them in it :

Autodata 3.38  (1.33GB)

ELSA 4.0  (41.3GB)

BOSCH ESI 2012/2  (32.9GB )

Vivid Workshop  (3.08GB)


2013 ALLDATA 10.52 workshop service ALLDATA 10.52 repair manual

Program Name: AllData 10.52 Domestic/Asian/Europe
Program Type: DataBase
Release:  2013 (3rd quarter)
Version: 3Q2012 / 10.52.1000
Developer:  Alldata
Interface Language: EN (USA)
Platform/OS: Vista, Win7 (x32), WinXP
Crack/SN: Crack


750G ALLDATA 10.52 BOSCH ESI Vivid ELSA Mitchell Autodata 2013

750G ALLDATA 10.52 BOSCH ESI Vivid ELSA Mitchell Autodata 2013

2013 alldata 10.52
File format: The Mobile Hard disk size:  750G (external hard drive)

Alldata 10.52  2013 latest version (415GB)

Mitchell ondemand repair & Estimator 2012 version (89.8GB)

Autodata 3.38  (1.33GB)

ELSA 4.0  (41.3GB)

BOSCH ESI 2012/2  (32.9GB )

Vivid Workshop  (3.08GB)

 if have enough space ,maybe we will put other diagnostic software in it
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X-VCI XVCI or ADKautoscan Ford ids vcm which is the better Ford Diagnostic Device?

Maybe you has own Garage or Diagnostic workship, but when u needs diagnostic equipment has full coverage on ford cars,maybe you are not sure for choose which one, Here,We list some discussion from famous auto diagnostic forum ,Sincerely hope it can help you

usually most of buyer will ask X VCI Ford VCM Scan Tool X VCI  and Super FORD VCM IDS A Version which is better ?
Why choose Super Ford ids vcm ?

Reason 1:  IF he plans on working on all ford he will need genuine IDS or VCM II if he wants to do the job properly

Reason 1:  If his garage goes well and he wants to upgrade then we can look at the genuine IDS or VCM II.

Reason 3:  its claimed XVCI works with tech2win/gds2 ans sps with globaltis ,, anyone know if its true and what versions it works with or only SPECIAL software supplied with unit

Reason 4 : Just received my X-VCI and thought I would share some internal pics.

Looks very simple compared to even a low quality VCM clone. The primary PC interface in USB -> TTL Serial which is obviously going to be a lot slower than the ethernet interface in many tools. The supplied drivers convert this serial connection to a virtual ethernet.

I havnt managed to test the tool at all yet as I don’t have a license key to unlock the module so am waiting for the dealer supply this.

There is one component unpopulated, sitting right next to (AFAIK) a JTAG header. This MAY be for a bluetooth module or chip, if so this may allow us to make an inexpensive upgrade.

If anyone has and internal shots of the “high end” version, it would be interesting to see the hardware differences.

Overall the build quality is pretty good, I just hope there are enough electronics there to handle fault conditions or signals outside normal operating ranges. There could of course be optical isolation in the supplied OBDII 16 pin dongle, but as this is a moulded component, I didnt want to cut it open just yet.

Pics below…

[Image: photo_1.JPG]
[Image: photo_5.JPG]
[Image: photo_2.JPG]
Why choose X VCI Ford VCM Scan Tool X VCI?

Reason 1 : Cheaper

Reason 2:  The almost problem with clone FORD VCM is that it wont’ reprogramming ecu well ,also lost connections sometimes . XVCI ford would better choose more stable then LQ VCM FORD

Reason 3:  my ids vcm clone lose connection not very good but xvci connect good all time is better

Reason4:  ive used and connected on 2011 range rover sport with led type dash no problems ,hope this helps,

Reason 5: Hi yes it is good on ford it connects a lot better and doesnt lose connection like my ids vcm clone does,i think it is good and does seem well made.

Note:  Clone Ford VCM have 2-3 Versions in China Market, in here Forum talked ford vcm clone don’t mean is ours company’s Super FORD VCM IDS A Version

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how to slove tacho 2008 July Reset SYNC And Diga update Problem?

When you tacho universal 2008 Screen display reset or no display after powered on? how can you do ? or you send it back to your supplier for repair it ? Here ,we will list how to slove this problem ,and from now on ,you no need to send it back to us

Which Tacho 2008.07 Troubles you can slove it by yourself ?

1. Screen display: Diga update

2. Screen display: RESET

3. No display after powered on

4. No vehicle list, screen display black strip

5.Frequently Halting

6. Screen display both the following:
update handheld

7. The machine cannot read EEPROM

And Maybe you will ask, may i need some tools or MCU? the answer is yes, ADKautoscan offer Tacho 2008 July Reset SYNC Repair kit, in wholeset is Including:

Tacho 2008 Update Repair kit Tacho 2008 July Reset SYNC Repair

Chip IC111 * 1pc

Chip IC112 * 1pc

Chip AT24C02 * 1pc

Chip 74HC541 * 1pc

Crystal oscillator * 1pc

User manual CD * 1pc

Removing tool * 1pc

   Now all is ready,we will teach you how to use it:

1. IF tacho 2008.07 Screen display diga updaten,you only need Replace IC111 And IC112

2. IF tacho 2008.07 Screen Display Reset,you only need Replace IC111 And IC112

3. IF tacho 2008.07 No Display After Powered on,you only need Replace IC111 And IC112

4. IF tacho 2008.07  No Vehicle List,Screen Display Black Strip,you only need Replace IC111 And IC112

5. IF Frequently Halting, you only need Replace IC111 And IC112

6. IF tacho 2008.07 Screen Display both the Following: Update Handheld, SYNC ,  you need Replace AT24C02 First,IF the trouble can’t be Sloved,Then Replace Crystal Scillator

7. The Machine can’t read eeprom,Replace 74HC541

pls note:

1. install IC111 And IC112,Make sure the install direction is corret,pls email us,we will show you the right direction
2. Install AT24C02.Make sure the install Direction is Correct,pls email us,we will show you the right direction

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How to get Autocom CDP xml file for activation?

After the publish of autocom CDP 2012 release 2 Version,many customers feedback their new problem about the installation of autocom cdp+ software–when they send the xml file to us, always we find  the xml file is not right.and we can’t active it for you . Here we will tell you how to get Autocom CDP xml file for activation.

Step 1. download the ” autocom active instruction ” ( get download link from your info from our website )

Step 2. open the ” 2. block internet access “, install hosts patch.bat

hosts patch.bat will add autocom hosts to your windows hosts file (C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts)

if your drive letter or windows dir is not that one, you should add manually , or disable internet connection when you activate software.

Step 3. open the “   for one time “, click “  for one time activation “, click  ” 1. patch installation”

1. run : remove certificate.exe
-> it will remove original autocom certificate from windows certificates folder.
if you haven’t tryed to activate autocom after you installed , the original certificate is not installed, and it will give you that message.

2. copy patch content to autocom installation dir (overwriting original files)
usually installation dir is C:Program FilesAutocom or Delphi , depending on branding
if you have a 64bit OS search in   Program Files (x86)

Step 4. After you finished with them you can start activation.

1. Open software, it will start activation process.
2. Choose activate via USB stick , select manual button twice (lower left) , and choose Save to Folder (select the folder where you want to save Fileactivation.xml)
3. send the xml file from the folder where you saved it to info at

2013 Autocom CDP+ 3in1 2012.02 Autocom CDP Plus Cars trucks

2013 Autocom CDP+ 3in1 2012.02 Autocom CDP Plus Cars trucks

2013 Autocom CDP+ 3in1 Cars Trucks Generic is a diagnostic tool used wirelessly with a PC…>>


How to update the Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Online From ADKautoscan ?

First , yourMaxiDAS DS708 must be a later OS3.28,but Maybe another Maxidas Users of OS3.24 Among the customers until last year, please update it  to more newer than OS3.28.

OS3.24 → 3.28  but I can not use the Device of MaxiDAS DS708.

Please overwrite the file that you want to insert into the PC OS3.28  SD card,You can update the DS708 in the body to be able to update OS3.28.

pls selected the Update screen menu.

However, you do not have the serial number can not be updated directly to the body of the DS708.
Currently, the system is being considered, for the time being it will be a manual update in the PC.

It has been this way prompting the OS update, will not be installed OS3.30 well at the moment, please ignore (cancel).

The new software will be displayed from the main body.we will put a check to the necessary software update.Very time-consuming to update timing is bad.
Please go to when you do not update at a time when there is a large amount of update files in this way, or focus on only what you need if you have time.

This time I installed Benz6.0. There is 53MB.I completed the installation in about an hour.

Incidentally also install all files All end in about 3 hours usually

I. Maxidas DS708 Update Main Usage

1. Upgrade with the programs which our company designate to get all the update files.
2. It allows to uninstall the softwares that SD card has already installed before.

II. Operation instructions
1. Uncompress the package to current folder.

2. Place the SD card into your computer. Copy and paste the “Scan” and “autorun.exe” files under the root directory of SD card.

3. Run the program “manager-pc” on your PC according to the following promts on your computer. There comes a program called “updateclient”, then run it.

4. Choose all the package files and click “Update” to download them. (Or choose some according to your personal will.) They can be extracted automatically into your SD card after being downloaded completely. Please no worry and kindly wait for that. “Page up” and “Page down” allow you to view other options or information. If you have more than one DS708 and SD card to upgrade, please “select disk” to choose different SD cards.
5. Uninstall Programs
Under the “Installed Programs” menu, it allows people to delete the vehicles files which SD card installed before.
6. “User Info” has the function to modify the login password. But it is disabled currently until the system is completed
7. The website information and software version can be checked under the “Option” menu. It also allows people to find a path of the temporary directory to download files.
More inforamtion,pls free download Autel MaxiDAS DS708 update Operation instructions
Autel MAxiDAS DS708 update Operation instructions.pdf


adkautoscan tell you How to install Multi Di@g Access J2534 Device Software?

From most kinds of auto diagnostic tools,do you know more about Multi-Di@g Access J2534? If you not have one ,here adkautoscan center will introduce for you,If you have one,still i will share you how to install this device.
Multi-Di@g Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device

Multi-Diag Access J2534 vehicle diagnostic tool

multi-diag j2543
Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru is compatible with Passthru+ XS also known as Multi-Di@g Access by Actia.2010I Actia Multidiag J2534 is compatible with AUTODATA CD.Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru is the V2010I Version

Software version: 2010I

Multi-Di@g Access J2534 interface setup instruction vedio:

Attention: Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device is not good at programming function. And it is not good at Japan cars.
Multi Di@g Access J2534 installtion user notes:

When install the software of  Multi-Di@g Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device, after the Multi-Di@g J2534 softare configuration window appears,  you should choose: Multi-Di@g Access Communication interface to USB and setting Multi-Di@g VCI serial number to:  A070026.

How to install 2013 Multi Di@g Vehicle Communication interface Software

How to install 2013 Multi Di@g Vehicle Communication interface Software

Then, Multi-Diag installtion interface will shows activation code:

How to install 2013 Multi Di@g Vehicle Communication interface Software

Press green button on Multi-Diag J2534 software menu. and you will see Multi-Diag software ask for activate code.  please send the activate to us,  we wills send the correct Multi-Diag J2534 activation code to you,
or you can find the free keygen for Multi-Diag J2534 from

How to install 2013 Multi Di@g Vehicle Communication interface Software

When the Multi-Diag J2534 Device connected with your PC, warning about 0 day left,  just choose “do not display this message agian”. and continue the work,  Multi-Diag J2534 software will be activated completely,

How to install 2013 Multi Di@g Vehicle Communication interface Software

Free download Multi Di@g Access J2534 Device installtion manual
How to install Multi Diag Access J2534 Device Software.pdf